What are the requirements for my KYC to be approved?

Hi, Tokonauts!

So that your KYC can be approved, make sure to follow the steps below!

1. Make sure you don't have an account at Tokocrypto

2. Make sure to provide true and accurate personal data

3. Make sure to provide photos that match your KTP. KTP must be original and must be clear when upload.

Pay attention to the general rules listed during verification, when taking pictures, make sure your face is clearly visible without wearing a hat and glasses.

When doing a selfie make sure the face is in the middle so the photo matches your face and on the photo liveness, you will be asked to do one of the movements. Please follow the instructions that appear.

When taking a photo, make sure to hold the gesture for 3 seconds, if that fails, please repeat it up to a maximum of 3 times, if it is successful, please select the finish button, and wait for the confirmation in your email!

If you need other assistance, please contact our Customer Support via Telegram or Live Chat or WhatsApp at 0811-1945-432 or email at support@tokocrypto.com. 


Have a happy transaction at Tokocrypto #SalamToTheMoon



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