How to do deposit ?

Tokonauts if you want to start a transaction with Deposit on Tokocrypto, please completly the KYC process first and make sure you have passed KYC Level 1. 

1. If you already success login into your account, please select Wallet


2. Then select Deposit for this menu, there is two options to do Deposit. The first one for fiat deposit and the second crypto deposit.  Here are the procedures do fiat deposit :


Payment Instructions (Mandiri):
1. Insert your ATM card and select "ENGLISH"
2. Enter PIN, then select "ENTER"
3. Select "PAYMENT"
5. Enter company code : "88608" (Xendit 88608), then press "CORRECT"
6. Enter Virtual Account Number (Example: 8860882216638739)
7. Enter the amount to transfer, then press "CORRECT"
8. Customer details will be displayed. Choose number 1 according to the amount billed and then press "YES"
9. Payment confirmation will be displayed. Select "YES" to proceed
10. Keep your receipt as a formal proof of payment from Mandiri Bank
11. Your transaction is successful
Payment Instructions (non Mandiri):
1. Select ​Others
2. Select ​Transfer
3. Select ​from ​saving
4. Select ​to ​other ​Bank
5. Enter ​Bank ​Code ​followed ​by your ​Virtual ​Account ​number (Mandiri ​008+virtual ​account number) (Example: 0088860882216638739)
6. Input ​the ​amount ​billed ​as Nominal ​Transfer
7. Transaction ​has ​been successful
3. If you want to make a crypto deposit process, make sure the type of asset is first ya Tokonauts. So here is the step :

1. Click Crypto

2. Select an Asset Type

3. Then select the network  

4. Click copy address / memo (this feature makes it easy for you to copy the destination wallet address)

It's easy right, then Tokonauts just has to input the detailed wallet address in the sender's wallet. Well, Tokonauts don't be in rush to finished the transaction, check again for the address details need to input a memo or not. If it is appropriate, just wait for the result of the transaction on Tokocrypto wallet, you can immediately check it on Deposit History. 

The following is a guide to making a Deposit at Tokocrypto. If Tokonauts has further questions please contact us:

Email :

Telegram : @Tokocrypto_CS_Bot

Whatsapp 0811-1945-432

Live Chat 

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