Tokocrypto Officially Launch Order Book and Private Trading Features

The presence of these 2 features was accompanied by listing 5 new stable coin for public


Tokocrypto, the leading crypto asset trading platform in Indonesia officially launch two new features. These features are Order Book and Private Trading, and can be used starting today, May 16, 2019. This feature is a complement to the instant transaction feature that has been embedded in Tokocrypto since it was officially launched in 2018.

"These latest features are highly anticipated by Tokocrypto users since they were first launched, especially the order book. Now the wait is over. Through the order book, Tokocrypto users can determine the selling and buying prices of their crypto assets by themselves, and the market will have a large role in the price movement itself, "- said Pang Xue Kai as CEO of Tokocrypto.

This is certainly a big change in the Tokocrypto platform, which from the beginning using instant transactions. Kai added that the instant transaction feature is still there, and the order book is a new feature to give Tokocrypto users choice.

The order book is a term from the list of selling and buying prices that can be traded by the market. Users can buy or sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Digix, or TTC using the prices listed. If you feel less suitable, users can make new price choices offered to other users.

With the presence of the Order Book feature, crypto asset prices are now fully handed over to the market, in this case, Tokocrypto users themselves. While the instant buys or sells, the feature will take from the price list on the order book.

In order for users to fully enjoy this new feature, Tokocrypto gives transaction fees of 0% for Maker and Taker until 30 June 2019. The official fee after the promotion period is 0.2%, both for Maker and Taker, just like the transaction fee on Tokocrypto so far.


Private Trading

Another new feature introduced is Private Trading. Through this feature, there are many conveniences offered to users, such as a 0% transaction fee, bigger transaction volume limit, and the best price from Tokocrypto. To be able to make a Private Trading transaction, the user must have a premium membership level with a minimum value of IDR 50 million to be transacted.

If another customer ‘only’ can make a transaction of 10 coins that have been listed in Tokocrypto, then premium user thru Private Trading can buy and sell coins as they wish, including those not available on the Tokocrypto platform.

"We hope that these two features will become new choices in transactions for Tokocrypto users. And in order to welcome the presence of Order Book and Private Trading, we will hold a Trading Competition with a total prize of Rp10 million. During this competition, we will provide a transaction fee of 0% aka FREE, "Kai concluded.

In addition to the release of these two new features, at the same time, Tokocrypto also officially began trading 5 new stablecoins to the public. Previously, these 5 coins could only be traded via Private Trading. The five coins are Tether (USDT), Gemini Dollar (GUSD), Paxos Standard Token (PAX), TrueUSD (TUSD), and USD Coin (USDC).

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