How to Reset Google Authenticator?

When users find it difficult to reset Google Authenticator because their phone is lost? or accidentally the Google Authenticator application system on the phone?

Users don't need to worry. With the steps below, the 2FA Google Authenticator will be reset and the user can continue to transact on Tokocrypto. Here are the steps to reset 2FA Google Authenticator:

  • Photo of KTP identity card

  • Self-supporting photo on a paper write "Reset Google Authenticator at Tokocrypto" by including:

    - Name
    - Today's date
    - Signature
    - Along with KTP


  • Fill in the complete format:
    - Email address:
    - Name:
    - Mobile phone number:
    - Reason for resetting 2FA Google Authenticator:
  • Send an email with documents, photos, and the prepared format to
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