OGN ( Origin Token)

1. Project Description

 Project Name:  Origin token

Token Name: OGN


2. Project Introduction

The Origin Token (OGN) is an important component of the Origin platform, acting as an incentive mechanism to ensure the health and growth of the network while giving Origin’s users stakes in the network. Origin’s mission is to enable true peer-to-peer commerce. Using Origin, buyers and sellers can meet and transact directly without any intermediaries. Today, users can buy and sell goods and services on Origin’s flagship marketplace app and partner apps. Marketplace operators can create their own peer-to-peer applications that implement Origin’s open-source standards.


3. Token overview

 Total Supply: 1000,000,000

Circulation: 23,862,410


4. Support links

Official Website: https://www.originprotocol.com

Whitepaper: https://gemini.com/wp-content/themes/gemini/assets/img/dollar/gemini-dollar-whitepaper.pdf

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