How to migration asset to version 2

Hi Tokonauts!

For now, users who have not upgraded to Tokocrypto 2.0 can be assisted by the Tokocrypto Team. Because of / Tokocrypto version 1.0 is no longer accessible. So that users who still have assets and want to migrate can directly contact Tokocrypto Customer Support.

Here the steps to migration your asset:

1. Make sure you have not upgraded (If the user registers starting June 1, 2020, there is no need to upgrade again)

2. Conducting a migration request, by completing the following data:

  • User ID
  • Name
  • Email

3. Then, the data is sent to

If it has been sent, the customer service will provide a schedule for doing Liveness with the Tokocrypto Team.

Don't worry, assets that are still in Tokocrypto 1.0 are still safe and the Migration process will be assisted by the Tokocrypto Team

If you have any further questions, please contact our Customer Support via Telegram or Live Chat or WhatsApp at 0811-1945-432 or email at



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