New Feature, ETF Token in Tokocrypto!

Hi Tokonauts!

We are proud to announce the presence of new feature on the Tokocrypto Platform! 

The Tokocrypto ETF Token 

Leveraged Tokocrypto ETF Token

gives you increased exposure to crypto asset prices without the risk of liquidation. Tokocrypto ETF Token is a tradable asset on the Tokocrypto market. Each Tokocrypto ETF Token represents multiple open positions in the perpetual futures market. 

The first Tokocrypto ETF tokens available are BTCUP and BTCDOWN. BTCUP aims to make profits with leverage when the Bitcoin price goes up, while BTCDOWN aims to make profits with leverage when the Bitcoin price goes down. The advantages of this leverage amount between 1.5x and 3x. 

Please note that users cannot withdraw to the wallet, and Tokocrypto ETF Tokens are not issued on-chain. 


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