EGLD (Elrond)

1. Project Description

Project Name: Elrond

Token Name: EGLD


2. Project Introduction

Elrond is a blockchain protocol that strives to offer extremely fast transaction speeds using sharding. This project describes itself as a technology ecosystem for the new internet, which includes fintech, decentralized finance, and the Internet of Things. Its smart contract execution platform is reportedly capable of 15,000 transactions per second, six seconds of latency and a transaction fee of $ 0.001. The blockchain has a native token known as eGold, or EGLD, which is used to pay network fees, stake, and reward validators. Elrond was first announced in August 2019, and the mainnet was shown in July 2020.


3. Token overview

Total Supply: 20,202,272 EGLD

4. Support links

Official Website:
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