Trading easier with Tokocrypto Mobile Apps iOS v 1.0.1, Update Now!

Hi Tokonauts!

Thank you to all Tokocrypto customers who have actively suggested positive input regarding our Tokocrypto Mobile App iOS version as well as Android version. And now, we have good news for Tokocrypto customers who use Tokocrypto Mobile Apps iOS, now you can update the latest version, Tokocrypto Mobile App iOS v 1.0.1 starting on Friday, December 11, 2020. Enjoy your trading experience with some feature improvements from the previous version.

Bug fixes:

  1. Fix referral page issue on displaying wrong information
  2. Fix Indonesian language setting using different kind of font
  3. Fix Favourite list is not sync to the Tokocrypto server
  4. Fix Trade page chart sometimes keep loading and not showing any information
  5. Fix Unable to withdraw issue using saved withdrawal address

Not only fixes bug issue, v 1.0.1 has new features:

  1. iOS now can show your total assets on IDR currency, you can configurate in the Settings page
  2. You can check you TKO history directly in the application
  3. Added our Instagram official page in the application About

Update your Tokocrypto Mobile App now and feel the great BTC BULL Marathon Trading  experience anytime and anywhere.


Update Now

Salam to the moon!


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