1. Project Description

Project Name: USD Coin

Token Name: USDC


2. Project Introduction

USD coin (known as the ticker USDC) is a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar on a 1: 1 basis. Each unit of this cryptocurrency in circulation is backed by $ 1 held in reserve, in a mixture of cash and short-term US Treasury bonds. The Central Consortium, which is behind these assets, said the USDC was issued by a regulated financial institution. Several use cases have been launched for USD Coins. As well as providing a safe haven for crypto traders in times of volatility, those behind the stablecoin say it could also enable businesses to accept payments in digital assets, and destabilize sectors including decentralized finance and gaming. Overall, the aim is to create an ecosystem where USDC is accepted by as many wallets, exchanges, service providers and dApps as possible.


3. Token overview

Total Supply: 2,973,954,119 USDC

4. Support links

Official Website:
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