BTC BULL's Eyes Period 3 Winners Announcement


Hi Tokonauts!

Congratulations to the winners of BTC BULL's Eyes Period 3 for predicting BTC prices on December 8 at 15.00 WIB with the fastest and correct or nearest answers

The winners below for BTC BULL's Eyes, BTC price period December 8 at 15.00 WIB *:

1. $19.100 - $19.150
2. $19.100 - $19.150
3. $19.100 - $19.200
4. $19.100 - $19.200
5. $19.050 - $19.150


*Terms and Conditions:

  • Prizes will be distributed to winners who have completed KYC level 1;
  • Prizes given in BIDR and TKO;
  • Prizes will be distributed in maximum 2 weeks after the end of the program is announced;
  • Terms and conditions can change at any time without any notice;
  • The result of the jury's decision cannot be contested
  • Tokocrypto has the right to cancel the winner if we find fraud in participating in this program.


Salam to The Moon!


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