Cuan Battle 3.0 - Tokocrypto Vs Binance


Hi Tokonauts!

Tokcrypto and Binance proudly present Cuan Battle 3.0! 

Cuan Battle 3.0 is a BIDR trading team competition which will be held for 17 days, starting from 11 December 2020 11.00 WIB - 27 December 2020 23.59 WIB with a total prize of 150.000.000 BIDR. 


Choose your team, and Prove your skill!


  • Team registration: 10 December 2020 14.00 WIB - 26 December 2020 23.59 WIB
  • Competition: 11 December 2020 11.00 WIB - 27 December 2020 23.59 WIB 
  • All members are able to register themselves during the competition.
  • There are no member limits in each team. 



  • Choose your team and sign up for your account on Binance or Tokocrypto.
  • All team members must have a cumulative volume of 700,000 BIDR to join this competition.
  • Sign Up through this form.
  • Trade any BIDR pairing on Binance or Tokocrypto during the tournament period.
  • Be the representative of your team and fight to win The Cuan Battle 3.0 Rewards!





RUNNER-UP: 35.000.000 BIDR 

Rewards Terms & Conditions: 

  • 10 team members with the highest BIDR individual profit in each team will be granted even distribution, 60% from team total rewards.
  • And the rest will divide 40% of the team's total rewards.
  • Note: Only team members who have a minimum trading volume of 10.000.000 BIDR during the competition period, are entitled to prize pool distribution. 


  1. 5 team members with the highest trading volume: 16.000.000 BIDR


Rewards Terms & Conditions:

  • Pro-even reward distribution: (Winner Volume/ Total volume of 10 winners) x Total Rewards.
  • Top 10 winners from Juara Cuan Category can not win The Raja Volume Rewards.


  • 25 partisipan yang berhasil melakukan 50 trades selama periode kompetisi akan dipilih melalui undian untuk memenangkan $40 dalam BIDR


  1. 5 team members with the highest participating referral total: 21.000.000 BIDR 


  1. 1st place : 7.000.000 BIDR + 6 merchandises 
  2. 2nd Place : 4.000.000 BIDR + 5 merchandises 
  3. 3rd Place : 2.800.000 BIDR + 4 merchandises 
  4. 4th - 8th Place: 1.400.000 BIDR each
  • Winners will be sorted based on participating referral total volume on Cuan Battle 3.0.
  • Note: Only team members who have a minimum referral trading volume of 30.000.000 BIDR during the competition period, are entitled to prize pool distribution. 


  1. Share your BIDR love! : 500.000 / winner
  1. Post your most creative photo/video on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) about why you like BIDR. Tag Binance and Tokocrypto using hashtag #GuePakeBIDR and #BinanceTokocrypto. 10 most creative posts will be chosen based on creativity. 


  1. Tebak-tebakan Cuan!
  2. Guest BIDR pairing that will reach the highest price increases during the guest period. 5 lucky winners will be granted 150.000 BIDR each.
  3. Guest BIDR pairing that will get the highest trading volume during the guest period. 5 lucky winners will be granted 150.000 BIDR each.
  4. Guest the Cuan Battle team that will win this competition. 5 lucky winners will be granted 150.000 BIDR each.

Salam To The Moon!


Terms & Conditions: 

  • Applies to all Tokocrypto customers who successfully passed KYC level 1;
  • Team and Individual Competition has its own calculation method, please be aware of each difference;
  • The calculation in this competition only applies to Spot;
  • Sub-account is not allowed to participate in this competition;
  • All participants must fill this form to participate. Participants who have not filled this form until the end of this competition will be disqualified;
  • All winners will be announced at least 72 hours after the competition ends;
  • All rewards will be distributed in BIDR token at least 2 weeks after the competition ends and the conversion rate will follow BIDR/USDT kurs at the time of distribution. You are able to check your rewards through Account Center > Wallet > Distribution History;
  • If there is one winner disqualified from the competition, the rewards portion will be distributed to the other team members who are entitled to win;
  • Tokocrypto reserve the right to disqualify the trade which is considered as wash trading, or illegal massal registration account, self-dealing or indicating market manipulation attributes, etc;
  •  Terms and conditions can be changed at any time without any notice;
  • All customers can participate, except Binance and Tokocrypto employees;
  • For any further information, please join Tokocrypto Official Telegram Group: Tokocrypto Official Group and follow Tokocrypto Official Instagram Account. (@tokocrypto);
  • Tokocrypto reserves the right to revoke any reward for misbehavior.


Stay tuned for more information on all official Tokocrypto channel:

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Facebook: Official Facebook Tokocrypto

Instagram: Instagram Tokocrypto

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