SXP (Swipe)

1. Project Description

Project Name: Swipe

Token Name: SXP


2. Project Introduction

Swipe is designed to allow users to take complete control of their crypto and fiat finances through its easy-to-use mobile app and a variety of related crypto debit cards. One of its main distinguishing features is its usability. Swipe is designed to be accessible to users of all experience levels, making it a simple task of storing and managing cryptocurrency on the Swipe wallet app, or spending cryptocurrency using a Swipe Visa debit card.

As mentioned earlier, Swipe tokens (SXP) are at the core of the Swipe ecosystem. Users must have a fixed minimum amount of SXP to be eligible to purchase a Swipe Sky, Steel, or Slate debit card - and therefore benefit from this offer, such as up to 8% cash back on purchases, increased spending limits and zero overseas transaction fees.

By making it extremely easy to convert cryptocurrency to fiat, which can then be used using a Swipe debit card, Swipe is targeting a growing number of cryptocurrency holders who want to use their assets for everyday purchases. It also generates revenue from transaction and exchange fees, which are used to support the expansion of the ecosystem and its launch into new territories.

Apart from opening various facilities to holders, SXP can also be used to create and vote on governance proposals, allowing holders to help shape the development of the Swipe ecosystem.


3. Token overview

Total Supply: 289,266,978 SXP

4. Support links

Official Website:
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