Trading Easier with Tokocrypto Mobile Apps iOS v 1.0.2, Update Now!

Hi Tokonauts!

Thank you to Tokocrypto customers who have been actively providing input regarding the Tokocrypto Mobile App iOS and Android. For this reason, we provide good news for Tokocrypto customers who use Tokocrypto Mobile Apps iOS, now you can update the latest version, namely Mobile Apps iOS v 1.0.2 starting today Thursday, December 17, 2020. Of course with a better trading experience as well as some feature enhancements.


Fixed bugs:

1. Fixed a FIAT category issue when the selected filter was only BIDR but all currencies (BUSD, USDT, etc.) all showing.

2. Improvements to the KYC process.

3. Change the field name for FIAT BIDR withdrawals from "card number" to "account number".

4. Minor bug fixes.


What are you waiting for, update the Tokocrypto Mobile App iOS v 1.0.2 now, and experience crypto asset trading easily anytime and anywhere.

Update Now

Salam to the moon!


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