How to increase the limit of withdrawal transaction

Hello Tokonauts,

As explained in the article how much the withdrawal limit for BTC and IDR per day?, KYC 1 and KYC 2 have different withdrawal limits every day, however, Tokonauts don't worry if you want a withdrawal more than what has been determined, we offer a solution for Tokonauts who want to increase their withdrawal transaction limit so that their trading activities will be more enthusiastic. How do you do it, let's check the guide:


1. Make sure Tokonauts has passed KYC level 2.

2. Tokonauts contact the Tokocrypto customer support team, direct our email / live chat/telegram.

3. Inform the details of the increase in the transaction withdrawal limit you want. Please inform your email, name, and user ID for your Tokocrypto account, Tokonauts.

4. The process of submitting an increase in the withdrawal transaction limit for a maximum of 7 working days.


Well, Tokocrypto came as a digital exchange platform apart safe, fast, and very easy, we want to simplify provides the needs of Tokonauts. So what are you waiting for, increasing the withdrawal limit is that easy.

If Tokonauts has difficulty or needs other assistance, please contact our Customer Support via Live Chat or email



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