Theta Fuel (TFUEL) Research Project Report

  • Theta Fuel (TFUEL) is the operational token (i.e., "gas") of the Theta protocol. It is used to complete transactions, such as deploying or interacting with smart contracts. If, for example, a relay node provides another party with a video stream it may earn TFUEL, which can subsequently be spent on the video platform for premium content, subscriptions, etc.
  • According to the Theta team, the average transaction fee could be as low as 10-6 TFUEL. The supply of TFUEL token is set at a protocol level and is initially targeted to have an annual inflation of 5%.
  • Next to relayers, Validator and Guardian nodes may also earn TFUEL as block rewards. The new TFUEL are subsequently distributed on a stake-weighted basis. For instance, if a node stakes 5MM out of a total 500MM staked THETA, it will earn 1% of the new TFUEL generated each block.
    Ranking 87    
    TFUEL Price $0.09716    
    Price Change 24h $0.005862    
    24h Low / 24h High $0.08670 / $0.1044    
    24 Hour Trading Vol $34,934,669.59    
    Market Cap $508,753,377.65    
    Max Supply 5,250,368,000    
    Circulating Supply 5,250,368,000    
    TFUEL Price History      
      7d Low / 7d High
    $0.05798 / $0.1095
      30d Low / 30d High
    $0.02678 / $0.1145
      90d Low / 90d High
    $0.009080 / $0.1145
      52 Week Low / 52 Week High
    $0.0008897 / $0.1145
    All Time High $0.1145    
    About TFUEL      
    Technical Analysis TFUEL/USDT    
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