Win a Total Prize of more than $ 15,000 by Joining the IBW x BSC Summit 2021


Hi Tokonauts,
Not only have the opportunity to get TKO you also have the opportunity to bring home various prizes worth more than $ 15,000 supported by several sponsors, namely Safepal, Certik, Autofarm .network, ForTube and Shopee.

1. BSC Bundle Giveaway with a Total Prize of More than $ 5000


  • Filling in 1 correct keyword (attend the webinar), the first 1500 people will get $ 1 worth of crypto assets
  • Filling in 2 correct keywords (attend the webinar), the first 500 people will get $ 2 worth of crypto assets
  • Fill in 3 correct keywords (attend the webinar), the first 350 people will get crypto assets worth $ 3
  • Fill in 4 correct keywords (attend the webinar), the first 300 people will get crypto assets worth $ 5

Terms and Conditions:

  • Attendance will be confirmed with a barcode form that is shared during the events and fill in the keywords correctly.
  • If an error occurs in filling in the password, then only the counted session confirmation is on the correct keyword.
  • Prizes will be distributed in the form of BNB at a price on 18 March 2020 at 9:00 WIB (1BNB = $ 275).

  1. BSC Lucky Draw with a Total Prize of $ 1000 A

The audiences will be raffled during the event of the IBW X BSC Summit 2021 session for 10 lucky people.
Terms and Conditions:

  • Make sure you attend all sessions.
  • Prize claims are made by contacting for a maximum of 24 hours after being announced.
  • You must use the same email as the email you used when registering for IBW X BSC Summit 2021 when claiming prizes.
  • Prizes will be distributed in the form of BNB at a price on 18 March 2020 at 9:00 WIB (1BNB = $ 275).
  1. Shopee Jackpot

5000 Shopee Vouchers with 30% discount will be distributed to lucky participants who have attended the IBW X BSC Summit 2021 on the specified channel. Vouchers will be sent via the email used during eventbrite registration.

Terms and Conditions:
1. Shopee voucher is an electronic voucher code that can be used by users to get 30% cash back in the form of Shopee Coins up to a maximum amount of 30,000.

  1. Shopee vouchers can be used by users from March 18, 2021, WIB until April 30, 2021, WIB.
  2. Shopee vouchers can be used if the user makes a transaction with a minimum purchase value of IDR 50,000.
  3. Cashback is valid for purchases of all products at Shopee Mall & Star except:

-Vouchers (Credit, Data, Gaming, Travel & Tour, Shopping, Event Tickets)

-Resup (Credit, Data Packages, E-Money, Roaming)

-Bills (PLN Electricity, BPJS, Telkom, PDAM, Postpaid, Credit Installments)

-Tickets (Trains, Airplanes, Buses)

-Entertainments (Game Vouchers, Deals Around You, Event & Entertainment Tickets)

-Donations & Finance (Donations, Zakat, Loans Modal)

-Sub-category Baby Diapers & Baby Food

-Sub-category Precious Metal, Starter Pack & e-money.

  1. Shopee vouchers can be used specifically for the first purchase transaction.
  2. Shopee voucher is valid for voucher code recipients at checkout via the Shopee application.
  3. Shopee vouchers can be used specifically for purchase transactions that use Savings, Regular or Cargo shipping for JNE REG, JNE OKE, JNE Regular (Cashless), JNE YES (Cashless), JNE JTR (Cashless) shipping, Special Express, GoSend Instant, GoSend Same Day, J&T Express, SiCepat REG, SiCepat Halu, GrabExpress Sameday, GrabExpress Instant, Ninja Xpress, Pick Up at Indomaret, Shopee Express Instant, ID Express, J&T Jemari, Anteraja, J&T Economy, Shopee Express Sameday, Shopee Express Standard, Standard Express, Standard Express - LWE, Standard Express - YSL, Standard Express - LWE ID, Standard Express, J&T, JNE Regular (Cashless), Standard Express - Korea, Premium Express.
  4. During the Redemption Period, one Shopee user is only entitled to redeem one Shopee Voucher. In the event Shopee detects that one user has several active accounts, all transactions made by several accounts will be deemed to have been carried out by 1 (one) user. Shopee has the right to cancel transactions, withdraw discounts or cashback, freeze accounts or if necessary take other action in accordance with Shopee Policy and/or applicable laws in Indonesia, if Shopee detects excessive and abnormal use of Shopee Vouchers by users with several active account that violates Shopee's Policy and/or applicable laws in Indonesia.
  5. Issuance and use of Shopee Vouchers are subject to Shopee's Policy. Shopee has full discretion to change the terms and conditions and use of Shopee Vouchers subject to Shopee's Policy.
  6. Promos cannot be combined with other first purchase promos.

    What are you waiting for, register now and follow all the promos!

    General terms and conditions:
  1. Applies to all Tokocrypto customers who have successfully performed KYC level 1 and have a UID
  2. Registered and attended the 2021 BSC Summit Online Seminar which will be held on Saturday, March 20, 2021;
  3. Must attend full online seminar sessions IBW x BSC Summit 2021: An Exploration on CeFi vs DeFi;
  4. It is mandatory to fill in the keyword that will be in the form by entering the correct keywords during the online seminar (keywords will be informed by the Host during the event)
  5. If you have filled in as many as 4 (four) keywords but the keywords are entered incorrectly, resulting in the loss of your chance to get the full reward for 4 sessions. The reward calculation will be calculated according to the number of forms filled out via barcode and the number of appropriate keywords;
  6. Tokocrypto has the authority to change the Terms and Conditions without prior notification;
  7. Prizes are sent no later than two weeks (14 working days) after the event ends;
  8. The judges' decision will be final.

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