After-Hari Raya Bonus: Extra FOR and TKO

Hi Tokonauts,

Good news! We have a bonus for you. Collaborating with ForTube, Tokocrypto presents TKO Holding Campaign with FOR and TKO tokens as prizes, each worth USD 2,000, every day for two weeks. To participate, hold a minimum of 500 TKO tokens and follow these mechanisms:

  1. Be consistent in holding the minimum 500 TKO tokens because our system will check to ensure participants hold throughout the period.
  2. Daily FOR and TKO token prizes each worth USD 2,000 will be distributed evenly to all eligible participants
  3. The TKO Holding Campaign will be held for 2 weeks*

* only on business days from Monday to Friday (May 17 - 21 and May 24 - 28, 2021)

What are you waiting for? Get ready to participate in the TKO Holding Campaign and get your after-Hari Raya bonus! 


* Terms and Conditions:

  1. This campaign will run from 17 - 28 May, 2021;
  2. Participants are registered as Tokocrypto customers and complete KYC level 1;
  3. Winners will be selected based on the assessment that they have fulfilled the requirements for eligibility;
  4. Tokocrypto has the right to cancel the winner if it is proven that it does not meet the predetermined conditions;
  5. Prizes will be distributed no later than 14 working days after the period is over;
  6. Complaints regarding prizes can only be a maximum of 30 days after the prize is distributed (14 working days after the campaign ends);

  7. Tokocrypto’s decision regarding prizes and allocation are final;
  8. Terms and conditions can change at any time without notice;
  9. For more information, join the Telegram group: Tokocrypto Official Group and follow the Tokocrypto Instagram;


Telegram: Tokocrypto Official Group

Twitter: Twitter Tokocrypto

Facebook: Official Facebook Tokocrypto

Instagram: Tokocrypto Instagram

YouTube: Tokocrypto Youtube

LinkedIn: Tokocrypto LinkedIn

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