Haven't received the results from your KYC application?

We would like to sincere apologies regarding Tokonauts' KYC approval process which took a long time.

Recently, we have received very high enthusiasm from new customers who are eager to make transactions on Tokocrypto. Every day we receive many KYC requests which results in many queues of requests that we need to complete.

We are always committed to providing the best service for our customers.

As a form of our concern for those of you who have provided support, we try to help you so that your KYC application can be processed immediately.

The following tips can help simplify the KYC process: 

  1. Provide true and accurate personal data in accordance with the KTP
  2. Enter the KTP number on the ID number
  3. The position of the KTP photo is not reversed, it is recommended to use a register / box when capturing photos directly
  4. Make sure you don't upload your SIM and provide a photo of your KTP
  5. Photos are clearly visible and are not cropped or framed too tightly.
  6. Make sure to upload Selfi photos correctly (the shape of the photo should not be tilted)
  7. Make sure to follow the instructions correctly when Selfi Random (Liveness) make sure you don't use accessories, good light (don't use a flash camera)
  8. Use JPG or JPEG format with a KTP file not more than 1MB.
  9. Foreign citizens can use the original Passport / KITAS photo (not a copy)

If the data filling and uploading stages have been successfully carried out, then the data you input will be reviewed by our related team until the process is complete. If declared rejected, you are required to repeat the KYC process with a different email, but if KYC is declared passed, you can make transactions at Tokocrypto.

If you don't receive the review status for more than 1X24 hours, please fill in the following data so that we can do further checking through the Approval KYC Form 

Please fill in the data correctly on the form. You can periodically check the application and email notification that we will send when the checking process is complete.

Thank you for your cooperation, we will always try to provide the best service for you


Salam to the moon!

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