TKO Price Prediction, Total Reward of $500* Worth of TKO is Awaiting!

Hi Tokonauts,

At this time, Tokocrypto returned to distribute special TKOs for loyal members of the TKO Global Discussion Group by predicting the TKO Price at a certain time with a total prize of $500* worth of TKO. The mechanism will be as the following:

  1. Join Tokocrypto Official Group  dan TKO Token Global Discussion
  2. Predict the TKO price according to the predetermined time (the timing information will be included in the announcement at the TKO Token Global Discussion and the TKO Token Global Announcement.
  3. Fill in your prediction in the form provided below and in the chat message on the TKO Token Global Discussion using hashtags #TKOToTheMoon #PredictTKOPrice Make sure to take a screenshot of your price prediction in the chat message at TKO Token Global Discussion with the hashtag above

Fill in the TKO price prediction HERE


The total prize pool of $ 500 worth of TKO will be distributed to 24 winners for 4 weeks. The TKO Price Prediction will be done 2 times in 1 week.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The participants must provide their BSC Wallet;
  2. The duration of the implementation is carried out 2x in 1 week;
  3. Cut-off for price prediction is 24 hours from the announcement starting at 18.00 GMT+7 (for example: the announcement on Monday to guess the price for Wednesday, then cut off submission for price prediction would be on Tuesday at 10.30 GMT+7);
  4. Only the best and/or closest and fastest price prediction can be appointed as the winner;
  5. The price prediction will be for TKO/USDT;
  6. Announcement of winners will be published every Wednesday and Friday at 16.00 GMT+7;
  7. The jury has the right to cancel the winner if it is proven that it does not meet the predetermined conditions;
  8. Prizes will be distributed a maximum of 14 working days after this campaign ends;
  9. Complaints regarding prizes can only be submitted a maximum of 30 days after distributed prizes (14 working days after the campaign ends);
  10. The TKO value used is the value at the time the distribution is carried out;
  11. Prize transfer fee will be borne by the winner. 
  12. The judges' decision will be final;
  13. Terms and conditions can change at any time without notice;
  14. For further information, you can join TKO Global Discussion Group and follow Tokocrypto official and TKO Toko Token instagram account.

Stay tuned for further information on all official Tokocrypto channels:


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