Check the Latest Crypto Asset Prices with Tokocrypto Price Bot

Hello Tokonauts and TKO supporters!

You are having good discussions with community members on Telegram and want to get updated crypto assets prices on the same platform? Don't worry, this time you can directly check the price of the latest crypto assets via the Tokocrypto Price Bot!


The procedure for using the Tokocrypto Price Bot as the following:

  1. Search for the username of the Tokocrypto Price Bot @tokocrypto_price_bot
  2. After that enter the chat column with Tokocrypto Price Bot
  3. Press order /p then enter the desired crypto asset ticker (Example: /p TKO)
  4. Then an order to the Tokocrypto Price Bot will give the result in the form of the current price of the desired crypto asset

Salam to the Moon

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