Easier Crypto Asset Trading Transactions With Wallet Connect Transfer

Hi Tokonauts,

To provide the best service for our customers, Tokocrypto presents a new feature: Wallet Connect Transfer, which can simplify and expand the range of crypto asset transactions with a lot of selection of tokens and coins that can be traded with BIDR or USDT pairing.

You can link the wallet in the easy steps below:

  1. First, log in to your Tokocrypto account at Tokocrypto Website or on Android and iOS version of the mobile apps
  2. Click on the wallet menu and you will find the Binance Transfer menu;


3. After you click the Binance Transfer menu, a pop up message will appear to connect the wallet then log in to your Binance account;


4. After successfully logging in and confirming the account, click continue until the process of connecting the wallet is successful and the final display is as shown below.


Isn’t it Easy? What are you waiting for! Connect your wallet NOW and feel the convenience of crypto asset transactions

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Only valid for customers who have completed Level 1 KYC verification on their Tokocrypto account;
  2. Valid for BIDR/USDT pairing;
  3. All crypto assets available on both exchanges will be available for transfer, and transaction limits are based on the user's KYC withdrawal limit;
  4. There will be no fees for this transaction because it is counted as an internal transfer;
  5. Tokocrypto may make changes at any time without prior notice if necessary.

Salam to the Moon!


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