The Feature You've Been Waiting For, Small Balance Conversion Now On Tokocrypto!

Hi Tokonauts,

Thank you for the advice and input from all Tokocrypto customers, now Tokocrypto give you a good news by presenting the Small Balance Conversion feature. You can try this new feature starting on Wednesday, July 7th, 2021. Not only that, for you that using MobileApps Tokocrypto Android or iOS version, you can try this feature starting from Thursday, July 29, 2021.

What is Small Balance Conversion?

This feature is a new feature to convert the small balances remaining from left over trading balance in each Customer's wallet which cannot be traded or withdrawn due to the small amount of the remaining balance, and now you can convert that small balances into TKO Tokens (the value is in accordance with the remaining small balance and the current market price).


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Only valid for customers who have completed Level 1 KYC verification;
  2. Only assets with a value of <0.0003 BTC can be categorized as small assets;
  3. This feature can be used on an equivalent balance of 0.0003 - 0.000315 BTC (the maximum that can be converted per token) if you has reached the maximum, then you can no longer convert tokens that have reached the maximum;
  4. The fee for conducting a Small Balance Conversion is 2% of the total value converted into TKO (the fee is in the form of TKO as well);
  5. Customers can only do 1x small balance conversion every 6 hours (if you have done 1x small balance conversion, then you have to wait another 6 hours to be able to do small balance conversion again);
  6. Customers can only convert a maximum of 10 tokens in 1x conversion time (if there are tokens that fail to convert, the process will be repeated and you need to wait 6 hours later to repeat the conversion process);

Please Take a Note that for now, the Small Balance Conversion feature can be enjoyed by 5% of total customers only. In the next 2 weeks, we hoped that all customers will be able to use this function.

For customers who have not been able to enjoy this feature, please wait and check regularly on the schedule above.*


*The schedule might be change without any announcement if needed


How to do Small Balance Conversion:

1. Log in to your Tokocrypto Account, then click the Wallet/Wallet menu > Balances/Balance;


2. Click the Conversion Small Balance to TKO section;


3. Select which coin you want to convert into TKO by clicking the checklist box in the column of the selected coin (you can choose up to 10 coins to convert at the same time);


4. If all coins have been selected, click the Convert button, then click Confirm;


5. Your conversion process has been successful if a success pop up message appears on the top right;


6. The history of successful Small Balance conversions will be available at Conversion History page, you can see the amount of fee (2%) that was deducted when doing the Conversion.



Salam to the Moon!


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